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Laser Treatment For Kidney Stones

            Nowadays, doctors are turning to lasers to treat the common but often very painful ailment: the unwanted kidney stones. The good thing about it was, the procedure was already approved by the Food and Drug Administration about three years ago, in the hope that advancement in technology, preferably where laser treatment for any for of disease or ailment is concerned, can help the millions of people and stop their suffering. After all, symptoms for kidney stones can be very painful to the point of unbearable.

            Laser treatment for kidney stones is now one of the most widely used for treating stones in narrow passageway between the bladder and the kidney, or most commonly known as the ureter. The good thing is, the treatment is getting more praises as one hundred thousand more people diagnosed with kidney stones were treated as compared to kidney patients that were treated last year.

            Laser treatment for kidney stones had been really successful that it just year, the FDA also approved the same procedure to be done with patients with gall stones. However, further studies are still being done in order to prove that there will be no side effects and that the same result can be achieved through it.

            Before, laser treatments were just used for treating eye problems, heart diseases and even skin ailments. Due to the acquiring favorable results with this procedure, the government agreed that further studies should be done in order to find out as to what other diseases can be treated and stopped using laser.

            Laser treatment for kidney stones is done by inserting a hair thin optical fiber in the person’s ureter until the fiber reaches these unwanted stones. The laser is then triggered thru a burst of energy (green light) that slowly breaks down the stones without harming the surrounding tissues and muscles.  The stones that have been broken down were either passed in the urine or pulled out in the miniature basket that doctors insert in the patient’s catheter. The whole operation only lasts for less than forty minutes. The patient only need to stay in the hospital for three to five days, and the recovery is faster as compared to others.

With this advancement, the doctors can reach stones that cannot be reached or seen before. Aside from that, the doctors can say that this procedure is by far the safest they have done in years.

            Medical experts have indeed gone as far as technology has brought them, and with good results to back them up. However, it is still best to watch what you eat and take care of the body that you were given, in order to prevent problems not only in the kidney, but also in other major organs as well. It is important to eat fruits that are high in fibers and minerals to help flush out the toxins. Your water intake should never be lower than at least two liters of water a day, to maintain your body’s hydration. It is best to be safe thank to regret the consequences afterwards.

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