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Kidney Stones And Alcohol

Kidney stones and alcohol – a not-so-dynamic duo

Confucius certainly hit the nail on the head when he advised people to take things in moderation.  It makes a lot of sense, especially when it comes to one’s health.  Time and again, we hear about people developing serious illnesses that may have been prevented by adhering to healthy lifestyle habits.  Among the culprits oftentimes attributed to a range of bodily disorders (among them kidney stones that may lead to serious complications if untreated) is excessive alcohol intake.  The question that arises is, just how much is moderate consumption?  Assuming that there are no other medical conditions to contend with, generally, grown-ups are generally advised to consume from up to about two glasses a day for females and up to three glasses a day for males.

Alcohol per se may actually have some positive contributions to the body. Many of us have heard about the benefits of red wine (which contains antioxidants) to the heart and other body organs. Of late, a substance in red wine that is called resveratrol has been noted to be capable of alleviating pain caused by injured backs. As far as kidney stones and alcohol are concerned, note that the alcohol per se does not lead to kidney stone formation.  It does make stone sufferers pass more urine that can lead to a dehydrated state.  Alcohol likewise indirectly inhibits the kidneys’ ability to excrete uric acid from the human body.

Indeed, dealing with kidney stones and alcohol is no joking matter.  Excessive alcohol intake can be perilous to health. Why risk forming kidney stones (or experiencing a recurrence) by excessive alcohol intake?

In lieu of alcoholic beverages, what every person, especially individuals who are inclined to develop kidney stones, can benefit from is water. Drink lots of water (3 liters or more every single day is best) and you will not only dissolve those bothersome kidney stones quickly, but you will also enhance your skin and overall well-being.

As for those people who simply cannot ditch the alcohol, here’s some food for thought. The correlation between moderate consumption of alcohol and good health is something that has been the subject of numerous studies for many years. Current research shows that drinking beer does have some advantages – a bottle of beer is said to be capable of reducing risk of kidney stones by 40 percent.  The percentage of reduced risk is lower for other popular beverages, though, like tea and coffee.

What does it all boil down to? Kidney stones and alcohol may go together (the latter aiding the former), at least as far as moderate alcohol consumption is concerned.

Based on other studies, though, note how gout sufferers tend to be prone to developing kidney stones. Cases of men who regularly drink alcoholic beverages (about two to four bottles a day) like beer upped their risks of suffering from gout, which can lead to stone formation. Now add to that many instances of gout sufferers who tend to generate too much uric acid.  Excessive alcohol consumption, from all indications, can do more harm than good. Opt for alternative therapies to flush out kidney stones, and arm yourself with the knowledge that you need to veer away from potential threats to your health.

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