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How Kidney Stones Affect The Body

What you don’t know about kidney stones can kill you.  While it can start small, a kidney stone when left untreated can grow and cause so much pain, and possibly, irreversible damage.  The good news, is learning all that you can about stopping  kidney stones cold by revamping your diet and some lifestyle habits  can steer you back to recovery and health.

Those with a family history of kidney stones and related ailments, as well as those who consume a lot of foods falling in the “hit list” that lead to stone formation will do well to know as much information about how kidney stones affect the body, beginning with how they are formed and what can be done to eliminate them forever. A kidney stone forms in the kidney when calcium cystals and other minerals accumulate and form a solid mass. Because kidney stones are made up of waste products that must be flushed out from the body, inability to do so interferes with normal functioning. When a kidney stone grows large and obstructs the flow of urine (creating strain or pressure on the ureters and kidney pelvis), that’s when people start experiencing searing pain, sometimes with fever. Infection may also set in.

The kidney stones may also trigger severe kidney damage if they remain undetected or are not given proper medical attention. Stone-sufferers (or those prone to it) must not overlook the importance of adequate hydration. 

Alongside the need to drink lots of water (ideally, go for half your body weight measured in ounces for every single day) to pass the stones.  Adding healing fruits (like lemons and cranberries) and fiber-rich foods (preferably vegetables in their raw, organic state) will also contribute to efficient waste excretion. People who do not exercise, as well as those who are unwary that there may be hidden oxalates (like peanut oil in Chinese food) in the food they eat stand to develop kidney stones, especially if such kidney-related condition runs in their families. Overindulging in alcohol likewise ups the risk for kidney stone formation.

In assessing how kidney stones affect the body in many unforeseen, disparaging ways, it is always wise to learn from the experience of others and take proper precautionary and palliative measures.

Studies show that kidney stone sufferers face an estimated 60 percent heightened risk of developing chronic kidney disease. Another complication may be renal failure.  Frequent uric acid stones in kids may create not just intense pain but gross hematuria.  Even things that are generally good for kids, like vitamin C, may have a role in contributing to kidney stones when taken in excess of what may be provided by a regular diet, so parents must be on guard in giving stone-forming kids more than the recommended daily intake of vitamin C supplements.

Pregnant women who develop kidney stones, on the other hand, need crucial medical attention so as to ascertain the mother’s health and if the unborn child is not affected. Doctors may prescribe something  safe for the mother and child in order to alleviate the pain.  Because of the huge discomfort and pain, not to mention the complications that may take a turn for the worse, it is very important, especially for people prone to developing kidney stones, to eat the right foods, exercise, and drink plenty of fluids to thoroughly cleanse the urinary tracts and keep it free from obstructions. In so doing, the multifarious dangers on how kidney stones affect the body are mitigated.

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