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Asparagus and Coke

When in a quandary on how to deal with kidney stone attack,

Try Asparagus and Coke for kidney stones relief

Asparagus and Coke for kidney stones? Sounds like an unlikely match. Who would have thought that the melding of one of the most favored valued plants for cooking and a very popular (but highly criticized by health buffs) carbonated softdrink can do wonders to cleanse the excretory system and heal kidney stones?

Yes, testimonials point to the capability of asparagus and Coke for kidney stones removal. To break down hard-to-flush-out kidney stones, place about six to eight ounces of asparagus  in a blender and drink, then wait a few minutes (close to half an hour) and drink Coke. Other people suggest drinking Coke first before taking asparagus purée. It’s best to ask your doctor on the best possible ways to avail of the non-traditional treatment for kidney stone sufferers.

The logical explanation for the asparagus-and-Coke cure is that the strong acidic characteristic of Coke, combined with the healthful properties of asparagus, serve as a diuretic to pass kidney stones. Notwithstanding the potent combination of asparagus and Coke for kidney stones relief, skeptics have raised quizzical eyebrows on how something so healthy & rejuvenating (folic acid-rich asparagus) can combine with a sweetened soda to offer the body some benefit. Well, quell your doubts because even stone-formers themselves and their doctors will attest to the effectivity of asparagus and coke as a healing formula to rid the body of discomfiting kidney stones.

Asparagus and Coca-Cola, as certain people maintain, is actually not a holistic approach to treating a condition that can be remedied in many other ways.  On the other hand, kidney stones may sometimes be complicated or hard to resolve and endure, as some people who have experienced it will point out, that they are willing to try just about any possible remedy. There are those who advise that the asparagus and Coca-Cola quick fix must be resorted to when all other home remedies or doctor prescribed treatment options have failed. Plenty of water still tops the list of best therapies for kidney stone sufferers. It must be noted that not any water may do. Distilled water is said offer much better results to dissolving and flushing out kidney stones than bottled water. Pumping a lot of water into the body, particularly through the kidneys to regain healthy functioning of organs is well worth the effort.  When health experts say fluids are the single, vital ingredient in the prevention of kidney stones, they are referring to distilled water.  There have been cases, though, of kidney stone sufferers whose conditions were aided when they installed a water softener in their homes.  The effect of the kind of water stone formers consumer varies and further studies still need to be made.  In any case, the point is that the asparagus and Coca-Cola remedy must not be the end-all or be-all when it comes to addressing kidney stones.

After all, pumping sugar and caffeine does not really sound that reassuring. Yet a growing number of individuals will vouch for the effectivity of such an unlikely tandem.

As the other half of a potent combination for a thorough kidney cleanse, asparagus does measure up among many other natural healing wonders. The asparagus root, as most health buffs know,  can reduce urinary tract inflammation and prevent kidney stones. The asparagus has not been hailed as a great therapeutic herb for nothing. As for asparagus combined with Coke to remedy kidney stones (assuming they’re not that large yet), now that’s another thing you’d have to take some people’s (including doctors’) word for.

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